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Got Architectural Stuff?

We sell everything from antique window frames to hand hewn beams, church pews, carved doors, alters and transoms.

When you are ready to clear out an old barn, renovate a church, or replace a mantelpiece, think about CP. 

This week we are looking for big, hand-made commercial bars and mirrors, with lots of character. Give us a call!

Cherished Possessions
185 Cottage Road
So. Portland, ME 04106
(207) 799-3990

While you were out..
This week we received a 1958 Predicta television set made by the old Phllco Electronics Company in 1958.  These units are prized collector items with stylish, very cool, rounded screens. One of the first mass produced televisions, and the original George Jetson screen design.

Featured products


  • Plaid Easy Chair

    Tan and red plaid upholstered chair **** Superb Condition Measures: 35"w x 32"d x 38"h


  • Carved Wooden Chair

    Carved wooden chair w/ golden emblem and upholstered seat **** Superb Condition Measures: 20"w x 18"d x 39"h seat height is 20"


  • Coffee Table

    Faux leather top coffee table *** Excellent Condition Measures: 47"l x 24"w x 16"h


  • Mali Sculpture

    Tribal woman sculpture by tribal "Mali" Bamara People **** Superb Condition Measures: 8"l x 8"w x 26"h


  • Large Mirrior

    Heavy framed mirror w/ carved plume on top *** Excellent Condition Measures: 43"w x 34"h


  • Antique Book Press

    Antique book binding press *** Excellent Condition Measures: 12"l x 10"w x 15"h