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The store is full of treasures we have everything you need to be comfortable for your football games or other sports. With the holidays coming soon you will find tables, glassware, art, home decor and more. Selections change daily.


Cherished Possessions
185 Cottage Road
So. Portland, ME 04106
(207) 799-3990

We have new treasures arriving daily. You will find many selections that are great for holiday entertaining.  There are some wonderful selections for you to enjoy. Come into the store or browse our website to see our huge eclectic mix of fine furniture and other treasures.



Featured products


  • Statue Lamp

    Large lamp w/ bust base and tassel shade *** Excellent Condition Measures: 17" diameter shade / 30"h


  • Twig Basket

    Strout handmade twig basket *** Excellent Condition Measures: 8"w x 10"h


  • Salmon Falls Pottery Jar

    Salmon Falls Pottery Jar w/ Lid *** Excellent Condition Measures: 3"diameter x 6"h


  • Christmas Teddies Figurine

    Cherished Teddies "Your Smile Can Melt Any Heart" *** Excellent Condition Measures: 2"diameter x 4"h


  • ChristmasTeddies Figurine

    Cherished Teddies "By land or by Sea, Let's Go Just You and Me" *** Excellent Condition Measures: 2"diameter x 3"h


  • Christmas Figurine

    Cherished Teddies "The Spirit of Christmas is in us all" *** Excellent Condition Measures: 2"diameter x 4"h