Vintage Elephant End Table

  • $59.50

Wicker Elephant End Table w/Tray

Unique & study, hand crafted

Quality: **** Superb

Measures: 30"l x 22"t x 16"w

CP Footnote:

This is a fun, unique and functional elephant!




Vintage Elephant End Table

with a matching tray

Quality: **** Superb


Elephant: 30"l x 12"d x 24" t

      Tray: 22"l x 12" d

CP Footnote:

These items generally originate in

india. This one is in excellent condition

the weave on the wicker is tight and

the elephant is sturdy. The tray is designed

for tea drinkers, as is the custom in India.


Item Number: 4409-74

Item ID: 16036

Category: End Table

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