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The Cherished Possessions Mission is to become a fun, high quality, cultural center of exchange which delivers value to our customers for recycling, repurposing, and preserving home goods, artifacts, and art that can be enjoyed by future generations.
Cherished Possessions is Maine's oldest and largest consignment store for high-quality home furnishings, antiques, art, jewelry, and a lot more items too long to mention.  CP consigns from thousands of individual consignors and buys large inventories through home clean outs and auctions.  We are focused on maintaining a fresh, eclectic inventory to keep up with changing tastes for all things unique, aesthetic and functional. You simply never know what you will find at Cherished Possessions! 

CP is has evolved into the “One Stop Shop”  for consigning in Southern Maine.  Refurbish, and repurpose virtually anything of value and we are constantly improving our website.  The Policies & Procedures and FAQs can answer most questions your might have about our company.  Please feel free call us anytime at 207-799-3990 or email your questions to info@cpconsign.com for more information.

Our History

CP began as an antique store in 1987. After the Great Recession of 2008 the company was experiencing hard times when Relentless Capital Company, LLC (a Maine company) bought it in 2010  as a turnaround opportunity.  Relentless management has since redeveloped CP as a home goods recycling platform for a wide range of home furnishings, art ,and artifacts and related services. We believe that the appeal of consignment stores is partly entertainment and relaxation for our customers who enjoy a sense of community and a focus on recycling that is grounded in fun, history, and preservation.   Cherished Possessions now enjoys serving a younger generation of millennials  just as it continues to serve an older generation baby boomers, by delivering high value, high quality , gently used goods. 

The growth of Internet-based services and the emergence of the millennial generation has generally increased demand for consigned goods, even as it has reduced demand for antiques. With smaller homes and a more transient society, small antiques are now more valuable than large antiques!  These changes are forcing a consolidation of the consignment market. The result is that CP is becoming  new destination location for a larger and more diverse stores which delivers a greater range of customer services.

The CP Move

By 2015, the CP client base had migrated to Portland over three decades of business,  and traffic over the Million Dollar Bridge  to South Portland had become a major obstacle for our customers.  In order to expand, CP we moved to the old Paris Farmers Union location at 64 Auburn Street in Portland in late 2016.

This began a very difficult time for the company which is a testament to the dedication of our management and the loyalty of our customers.  During the move, our CPA contracted Lyme disease which migrated to his cranium. His demise resulted in the loss of most of our accounting records just after our move.  Just as we began to sort through that challenge,  the loss of electricity and heating during the infamous ice storm of January 2017 destroyed our furnace and piping, and  inflicted severe water damage at our new site. Restoration required a shut down for almost five months.

 Fortunately, we were insured for physical damages to our site and we completed installing a new accounting system about the time renovations were completed.  We are forever thankful for the thousands of loyal consignors and customers who patiently stood by us during a very trying time.  In 2018 we were able to settle legal claims that allowed us to recapitalize CP.  The company returned to profitability, during 2019 with expanded inventories and record revenues.

Picker's Pub & Diner Coming Soon:

CP is now developing CP Plaza as a fun, unique consignment recycling center that includes new tenants and product lines.  We will start construction of the first phase of Picker's Pub & Diner in 2020 to offer neighborhood hospitality adjacent to the Cherished Possessions store.


Come Visit us at 64 Auburn Street, Portland, Maine.


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