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The Cherished Possessions Mission is to become a fun, high quality, cultural center of exchange which delivers value to our customers for recycling, repurposing, and preserving home goods, artifacts, and art that can be enjoyed by future generations.
Cherished Possessions is Maine's oldest and largest consignor of high-quality home furnishings, antiques, art, jewelry, and a lot more too long to mention.  Our eclectic inventory is constantly changing to keep up with changing tastes for all things unique, aesthetic and functional.

Over the last thirty-five years, CP has evolved into the “One Stop Shop”  for consigning in Southern Maine.  Now we buy, sell, refurbish, and repurpose most anything of value. Our Policies & Procedures and FAQs can answer many questions about our company.  Feel free to call us anytime at 207-799-3990 or email at info@cpconsign.com for more information.

Our History

Like most consignment stores, CP began as an antique store. By 2012 the company had been through three owners and was experiencing hard times when Relentless Capital Company, LLC bought it as a turnaround company.  Relentless management views CP as an undeveloped platform for the consignment sector and the recycling of home furnishings, art, and related services. However, we also believe that consignment stores are important local enterprises that offer fun entertainment, a sense of community, and a focus on recycling that is grounded in fun, history, and preservation.   

The growth of Internet-based services and the emergence of the millennial generation has generally increased demand for consigned goods, even as it has reduced demand for antiques. With smaller homes and a more transient society, small antiques are now more valuable than large antiques!  These changes are forcing a consolidation of the consignment market. The result is new destination locations of larger and more diverse stores like Cherished Possessions, which can deliver a greater number of customer services.

Our Move

As part of its growth, CP went through a difficult move to its new location in late 2016.  During the move, our CPA contracted Lyme disease, resulting in the loss of our accounting for much of 2016 and 2017.  During this same time, the ice storm of January 2017 resulted in a loss of utilities that forced major site reconstruction for four months. Fortunately, we were insured but we are thankful for the thousands of consignors and customers who patiently stood by us during a very trying time.   We have since settled sizable claims to our benefit and have begun reinvesting in CP and the new site.

Our Development

We're now developing CP Plaza as a fun, unique consignment recycling center that includes other tenants.  Autumn Nail Salon, an established manicure & pedicure service has just located adjacent to Cherished Possessions. We are in the planning stages for "Picker's Pub", an eclectic neighborhood pub adjacent to Cherished Possessions.  We expect to rent studios to artists and artisans on the second floor of our building and to offer our large parking lot as an open-air market for approved dealers and charities during summer months.

CP is always recruiting new suppliers and artists, as well as artisans and craftsmen in restoration, refinishing, and repurposing.  We are also on the lookout for artists, pickers, and craftsman that can deliver unique, functional and aesthetic items to our customers. 

Come Visit us at 64 Auburn Street, Portland, Maine.


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