Pickup & Delivery

CP will help you arrange for your pickup and delivery of items through a network of trusted contractors at competitive prices.  CP will undertake truckload deliveries with its own truck for estate sales, cleanouts, and large item hauls. Additionally, we support recurring clients with special circumstances and short hauls.

If you are delivering furniture or picking up furniture at CP, please call in advance to schedule a time so we can help load or unload your items efficiently. We cannot assure you of a place in our que without a firm schedule.

When you talk to CP about arranging hauling, please answer the following questions  so we can deliver the best services:

1) How long is the drive time?

2. Is it a multi level home, condominium, or apartment?

2) What items require dismantling, like large armoires and beds?

3) Are their bulky specialized items like pool tables, pianos, or breakable items like china? 


Our crews will not attempt any pickup or delivery in unsafe weather or conditions which are not safe for them, our client, or their furniture.

CALL US Anytime to discuss: (207) 799-3990