Cherished Possessions supports Maine artists by providing free e-commerce services throughout the Coronavirus crisis. To sell your art, just:

1. Email three good images of each item, three items max per email.
2. Include phone number, email, and mailing address information.
3. A brief history of the artist and description of the art.
4. Measurements and weight.
5. Send a confirming email with your images.

Tracking: CP will create a "client account" for you and post your information on our site. You will be able to track any sales that occur. All sales will be by credit card. You will receive 100% of the revenue from the sale after normal credit card processing fees of approximately 2%.

Quality, Pricing, & Acceptance: Pricing under this program can be set by the artist. CP personnel will provide you with suggested prices based on our experience with comparable art. We encourage you to set prices that are moderate given the current environment. CP acts as a quality control agent for our customers. We reserve the unilateral right to reject any item that a) is innapropriate or does not meet our standards of quality b) to confirm and identify the quality of any object on our website and c) to reject objects that unreasonably or fraudulently priced.

Delivery: Upon concluding an online sale, we will need you to deliver the art to CP at 64 Auburn Street within 48 hours. Deliveries are accepted between 10 a.m. and 12:00 noon on weekdays. CP will not store your art for more than 48 hours. Shipping cost (if any) will be charged to the customer. Not at the artists expense.

Payment: In many cases CP will have a confirmed email approval from the customer necessary to provide you with a check upon delivery. However, certain customers and products require an inspection of their purchase before the release of funds. CP can forward funds by check in such circumstances or it can be picked up by the consignor after customer approval.