Policies & Procedures


 Consigning is a great way to make room in your home, help the environment, and get paid by other people for your unwanted treasures (so you can acquire a few of your own).   Cherished Possessions is a fun, practical service enjoyed by tens of thousands of environmentally sensitive consignors and consumers throughout Maine.  Here are our Policies & Procedures for your reference:

  1. Types of Items: CP accepts gently used furniture, art, jewelry, home decor, and many, many other items ranging from lawnmowers and tools to antiques and rugs. We are always looking for unique items. Challenge us with something we've never seen.
  2. Consignment Quality  - Our First Priority. All consignments are physically inspected before they are accepted. We do not take glassware, china, ceramics or dinnerware of any kind with chips or cracks or discoloration. All lamps must be in working condition, with shades.  All items must be functional and authentic. We do not accept items from homes of smokers, or with odors, stains, or scratches.
  3. Step One - Email Us Your Pictures CP requires pictures of items to be emailed in advance in order to consider new consignments.  Fill out our website Consignment Form and attach images online, or send images of your items from your phone attached to an email with your contact information to info@cpconsign.com.  We will review your images and respond concerning our interest.  You may call the CP store to discuss images or items with us anytime at (207) 799 3990.
  4. Pricing: Our prices are set by customer demand. It is in our interest to set prices for maximum return.  We use a declining price model to establish a market price. The Starting Price for consignments is based on our collective experience,  current market information and if necessary, the advice of experts. Prices may drop up to 50% over the 90 day consignment period and depending upon the item.  CP always attempt to negotiate the best price at the time a buyer surfaces.
  5. Margin Split: CP splits the margin produced on the account with the Consignor 50-50 after any credit card fees. CP may charge buyer fees and for cleaning or disposal when appropriate.
  6. Scheduling Consignments: All consignments are by appointment, large or small. Certain specialty items (like china sets, or large furniture ) may be scheduled weeks in advance. Small items are limited to ten (10) accepted items at a time. Generally, CP schedules pickups and deliveries within a five day lead time. Your consignment period only starts when the object makes it to the floor.
  7. Consignment Contract: the CP Consignment Contract is a one-page document which you can download from our website.  You can attach a scan or take a picture of the SIGNED Consignment Contract and email to info@CPConsign.com as part of our process. Alternatively, you can mail it or just drop it by the store at 64 Auburn Street in Portland, Me. 04103.
  8. Pick-Up & Delivery:  A representative of Cherished Possessions will help schedule your consignment.  CP will provide you with the contact information for third-party contractors to haul your items at competitive rates, if required.  If you are bringing items, email us first so we can schedule a firm time to give you proper attention and help to unload if required.  Generally, early morning (10 -11 a.m) and late afternoon (3-4 pm) consignments are the best time.  Consignments are not accepted after 4 pm. CP may handle large moves or clean-outs directly at a competitive price depending up the size of the consignment. 
  9. Cleanliness and Functionality:   CP may reject any item that requires cleaning or charge your account for cleaning or repair required to sell an item.  CP will reject and dispose of any item which it has not accepted. Consignors who misrepresent the appearance, smell, functionality or authenticity of any item will be barred from Cherished Possessions. 
  10.  24-Hour Account Online Access: Each Consignor receives a Consignor Number that allows you to track your items. You may check your account through our website at any time. Consignors may also call CP Customer Service to get assistance if they cannot access a computer or if there are problems with the website.
  11. Getting Paid:  Due to the large number of Consignor checks which we process and related handling and mailing costs, CP does not automatically mail checks to  Consignors.  Checks are available for pickup anytime after the 10th of the month following the sale of an item at 64 Auburn Street, Portland, Maine 04103. 
  12. Unclaimed Funds: The holding of unclaimed Consignor checks by CP carries potential accounting, reporting and regulatory costs from the State of Maine.  If a consignor account is not active over six months and the consigner has not picked up their check after 90 days, CP will charge a $10.00 account fee per month.  Active consignors with recurring activity will not be assessed a fee on unclaimed funds.
  13. Unclaimed Items:  Our job is to SELL YOUR INVENTORY at a market price.  We are not a storage facility. Any items which are not sold after 95 days have to be moved to make room for new items. After 95 days it will become the property of CP and will be liquidated by CP at its discretion unless otherwise agreed.   Consignments may be altered or extended for recurring clients.
  14. Repurposing Services:  CP retains relationships with talented artisans to provide repair, painting, refurbishment and repurposing services on an individual estimated basis for most wooden furniture. We do not service upholstered or glass items. 
  15. Courtesy, Respect & Honesty is a Requirement!  Cherished Possessions is blessed with thousands of great clients. Our obligation to all of our customers is to provide a fun environment, excellent quality control, and honest pricing. We are always happy to resolve any concern in a straight forward and civil manner by setting up an appointment. We do not tolerate loud or obnoxious language, misleading or dishonest consignors,  threats,  or harassment of any kind from any customer, consignor, or visitor to our business, for any reason.
  16. Please Communicate!  Our staff is small, our volumes are big, our logistics are complex and our customers are many, but we always have time to accommodate you in any way possible. To help us do this, get to know our Customer Service people when you visit the store and let them know of any scheduling, packing, cleanout, storage, or delivery problems you might have in advance, so we can resolve problems before they happen. You will find we have a wealth of knowledge to share