Got a beef? Steer away from the crowd! Don't Worry, Be Happy! Check out great stuff and great food Cherished Possessions & Pub.

Posted by Sam Eakin on

Cherished Possessions we recycle the unique, the functional and the artistic with great prices, and great Cajun food!


Carved Bea in a Tree

Bamboo Loveseat

Oak & Maple Inlaid Desk

Excellent Futon (left arm has glare)



Antique Mahogany Display Case

Rancher Ltd Edition Prints

Maple wood computer desk


Wood Prayer Alter

Wall Art Decor


Outdoor Planter

Fancy Carved Candle


Matching Custom Chairs

Small bookshelf

Unique Decor Candy Dish

Antique Bathroom Mirror & Towel Holder 


Antique Indian Wall Art

Antique Washstand

Unique Mirror


Kitchen Counter Backdrop & Light


Contemporary Linen Sofa

Authentic Japanese Shogun Figure



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